As part of the global project FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS, University of Houston Graphic Design seniors visualized individual messages about transforming gender, shifting cities, and a changing world.

My 45 symbols define each human as unique, yet merged in a society we become part of a whole. “Uniqueness” presents forty-five transgender traits, passion, specialty and behavior in an array of different forms and shapes. I use snowflake as a metaphor to conveyed the message that every human is unique and we all have the right to be comfortable and respected in our own chosen gender identity.






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Project details:
  • Category:
  • Project: 45 Symbols
  • Date: Fall 2015
  • Instructor: Sibylle Hagmann
  • Award: One of six winning projects. Book and web publication.
  • More info: http://45symbols.com/publication/?p=6240